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Tim Bernasek, an attorney who focuses on agriculture and natural resources law at the Portland firm Dunn Carney, discussed labor unrest with farmers at the Wafla H-2A Workforce Summit on Jan. 16 in Lake Oswego, Ore. His presentation dovetailed with two other morning sessions about effectively training managers to avoid conflict with workers, and how mediation and arbitration can help to avoid more costly lawsuits.

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Legislation aimed at fixing some of agriculture's deepening labor woes would actually do little to benefit farms in the long term, according to attorney Leon Sequeira, a former assistant secretary of labor. 

Leon Sequeira, a lawyer and former assistant secretary of labor in the George W. Bush administration, spoke against the Farm Workforce Moderni…

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Jonathan Sandau, public policy specialist for the Oregon Farm Bureau, provided a legislative update Wednesday morning at the 50th annual Northwest Ag Show, including efforts to exempt agricultural products from the new "corporate activity tax" that passed last year.

Jonathan Sandau, public policy specialist with the Oregon Farm Bureau, provided a legislative update Wednesday at the 2020 Northwest Ag Show i…

Maria Schmidlkoffer, an Oregon attorney with 13 years of experience with farm succession plans, gave a seminar Wednesday at the 50th annual No…

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Snowpacks in Oregon and Washington have rebounded significantly over the last two weeks thanks to recent winter storms that have dumped several feet of fresh mountain snow.

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