Sustainability and agriculture

of Georgia Farm Bureau Zippy Duvall is president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Speaking to reporters earlier this week, American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said producers need to speak up and tell the public how they are producing more food with less water, less pesticides and less plowing.

“We need to take back the concept of sustainability, because nobody works harder on sustainability than the American farmer and rancher,” he said.

He says agriculture has never been more sustainable. Here, in his own words:

“Just think about it for a minute; by using modern technologies, today’s farmers grow more crops on the same amount of land, using less plowing and pesticides, and feeding more people.

“By developing more uses for our crops, like energy, we are making our economy more sustainable.

“If farmers don’t take care of our land, we cannot stay in business.

“By providing food for all Americans, we are sustaining their freedom — so they can pursue the careers they are interested in.

“We have a great story to tell. We need to take back the concept of sustainability — because nobody is working harder to be sustainable than America’s farmers and ranchers.”

All good stuff. But he saves the money shot for last.

“For agriculture to be sustainable, farming and ranching have to be profitable.”

No profit, no food. Enough said.


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