Heifer, bull mysteriously killed in SW Washington

Livestock grower Warren Anderson examines a heifer that was killed. It was the second animal killed and mutilated in the area.

NASELLE, Wash. — Two cattle killings and mutilations have been discovered recently in rural Southwest Washington.

On Aug. 29 Deep River resident Warren Anderson found one of his heifers had been killed and its tongue and heart cut out. The killing occurred within 120 yards of his parents’ house in Naselle, Wash., where Anderson has been pasturing a small herd of beef cattle. Anderson believes the 8-month-old Angus-Hereford cross may have been killed sometime the previous evening.

“I was over here Sunday and it hadn’t been done then, unless it was done Sunday evening. It looked pretty fresh on Tuesday, so I’m thinking it was killed Monday evening,” Anderson said.

On Aug. 19, Grays River resident Dan Zimmerman discovered the carcass of a young bull he was pasturing in a field. Its tongue had also been removed. The young bull was found lying in the fenced field not far from State Route 4.

This is the second time in two years this has occurred to one of his cattle, Zimmerman said.

“Both times, the animal’s tongue had been removed,” he said. “The first time, it occurred in September, around the time of the equinox.”

Anderson reported the killing of his heifer to the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office and a deputy responded to the scene.

However, by Sept. 1 the incident report had not yet been completed and, as a result, the office was unable to comment on the cause of death.

Anderson said he believes the heifer had been shot and the bullet removed. Zimmerman said he did not know what caused his bull’s death.

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