YAKIMA, Wash. — The Washington Growers League is exploring options to keep its Rent-A-Tent program for migrant farmworkers housing going next year.

The state Department of Commerce subsidizes the program at slightly more than $100,000 per summer but likely won’t do it next year to save money, said Jesse Lane, housing program manager for Washington Growers League in Yakima.

The program provides 300 tents and about 1,500 cots that the Growers League rents to growers throughout Central Washington. They are mainly used by tree fruit growers who place them on concrete slabs on their property as housing for migrant workers. Growers provide restroom, cooking and laundry facilities.

The league is negotiating with the state for disposition of tents and cots, Lane said.

“I’m confident the program will continue in some form,” he said.

— Dan Wheat

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