YAKIMA, Wash. -- Bill Wavrin, a Mabton dairy farmer and veterinarian, has received a 2012 excellence award from the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency.

Wavrin and his brother, Sid, operate Sunny Dene Ranch, a dairy founded in 1990. Wavrin has significantly reduced dairy emissions by focusing on feed ratios. He recommends feed ratios to his dairy clients.

Wavrin received the award for actions resulting in measurable and sustainable air emissions reductions. He was lauded for "thoughtful, professional insight and leadership" in the agency's Dairy Emissions Workgroup and concurrent Pilot Project for the Air Quality Management Policy for Dairy Operations.

The project is an example of how industry and government should work together, Wavrin said.

Wavrin's command of information was vital to the group's accomplishments, said Gary Pruitt, the agency's executive director.

"The regulatory agency learned from industry and industry learned from the regulatory agency," Pruitt said. "We didn't always agree but we worked things out."

The award was presented at an agency board meeting on Aug. 9.

-- Dan Wheat

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