CASHMERE, Wash. -- Crunch Pak, the industry leader of sliced apples, is headed for a year-long run on Broadway.

The company will participate in a marketing campaign that puts its fresh apple product portfolio on display on a gigantic electronic billboard in the heart of New York City's world-famous Times Square.

The billboard, located at 1541 Broadway, is the only bi-directional screen in Times Square with screens that measure 10-by-90 feet. The first Crunch Pak ad will start running this month and will appear over 17,000 times over the agreement period.

More than 1.5 million people pass through Times Square daily and more than 547 million annually on average, said Tony Freytag, Crunch Pak senior vice president of sales and marketing.

"This campaign is our opportunity to show our retail partners that we support them by doing what we can to build awareness of Crunch Pak as a national brand," Freytag said.

The billboard gives Crunch Pak the ability to spread messages in 15-second increments.

Based in Cashmere, Crunch Pak provides quality organic and conventional sliced apples.

-- Dan Wheat

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