SPOKANE, Wash. -- The USDA Risk Management Agency has extended crop insurance coverage for Pacific Northwest apple growers through Nov. 20 because of the lateness of the crop.

Coverage normally expires Nov. 5 for most varieties and Nov. 10 for Fuji. The agency announced the extension Nov. 1.

Apple maturity and harvest is up to two weeks behind schedule and may be the latest on record, according to the Washington Growers Clearing House Association.

Approved insurance providers may grant the additional time on a case-by-case basis so claims may be settled on harvested production. Insured producers are encouraged to contact their crop insurance agent for details.

Insured producers must comply with the notice of damage or loss requirements identified in the policy and make every reasonable attempt to harvest the crop by Nov. 20.

During the extension any new and unavoidable loss of production due to insured causes -- including delay from cold, wet, weather -- is covered.

-- Dan Wheat

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