ACX Pacific Northwest Inc., Bakersfield, Calif., will open a new hay export processing facility at the Port of Stockton in October, creating 40 to 60 new jobs.

The new facility gives ACX greater capacity to buy hay from farms in the northern San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley, southern Oregon, Nevada and other states, said John Gombos, CEO of ACX, in a news release.

It is necessary to keep up with increasing demand for ACX products around the world and means ACX is the only hay exporter with processing facilities near all three major West Coast port areas, Gombos said.

ACX has a processing facility in Ellensburg, Wash., that uses the ports of Seattle and Tacoma. It has facilities in Wasco and Wilmington, Calif., served by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The Stockton plant will use the ports of Stockton and Oakland.

Early next year, ACX will use the Marine 580 waterway to move heavy containers from the Port of Stockton to the Port of Oakland to reduce road traffic and support clean air standards. Without the waterway ACX would have been unable to locate at Stockton, Gombos said.

ACX buys hay and straw from farmers in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

All of it is shipped through West Coast ports. Most of it goes to Japan, United Arab Emirates, South Korea and China.

-- Dan Wheat

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