Wolves kill llama in northeastern Oregon

of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wolves killed a llama in northeastern Oregon, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A llama found dead and partially eaten May 9 was killed by one or more wolves, according to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The attack occurred on private land in the Buford Creek drainage of Wallowa County in northeast Oregon.

The stockowner found the llama with muscle tissue from the flank and abdominal area consumed, and most of its internal organs were on the ground next to the carcass.

An ODFW report indicated the attack probably occurred several hours before the carcass was discovered.

The location and size of bite marks indicated wolves were responsible, according to ODFW. Investigators also found fresh wolf tracks 200 yards and 10 yards away.

Tracking collar data showed OR-23 was 1.5 miles from the carcass site six days earlier.

The attack was attributed to the Shamrock Pack.

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