Bill Young, a 32-year veteran of Oregon State University's crop science department, has scaled back to half-time. Young, an extension specialist for seed crops, retired from full-time duty Jan. 1.

Young's work in non-thermal residue management for the grass seed industry and his annual compilation of seed research reports are viewed as vital components in the industry's transition from being reliant on field burning to largely living without the practice.

"Bill has been a terrific contributor to the overall growth of the seed industry and the connection of the industry to the university," said Dave Nelson, former executive secretary of the Oregon Seed Council.

"He collects all the reports and summarizes research and puts it in a readable package," Nelson said.

"I have had many comments from other groups over the years saying, 'Boy, I wish we had this for our commodity,'" Nelson said.

Young has agreed to work half-time for three years.

--Mitch Lies

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