Oregon Dairy Farmers Association is seeking information from its members on their use of three pesticides included in a draft biological opinion by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The agency opinion addresses reasonable and prudent measures and alternatives concerning the pesticides in its efforts to protect endangered or threatened Pacific Salmon and steelhead

The biologic opinion pertains to oryzalin, pendimethalin (Prowl, Pendulum, Pendimax, Stealth) and trifluralin (Treflan).

ODFA needs to know if these are herbicides used on Oregon dairy farms and how important they are to producers' specific crops in order to respond to the biological opinions, ODFA Executive Director Jim Krahn said in a newsletter late last week.

ODFA is asking for input by April 20. EPA's comment period on the biologic opinion closes April 30.

Oregon dairymen are asked to respond to either Jim Krahn or Kathryn Walker if they use any of the three pesticides on their farm.

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