SALEM -- The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has denied a petition to change trapping regulations.

The Humane Society of the United States and other environmental and animal rights organizations petitioned the commission earlier this year to reduce the maximum allowable interval between trap checks to 24 hours.

Oregon regulations require that furbearer traps be checked every 48 hours. Restraining traps for predatory animals must be checked every 76 hours.

Scott Beckstead, Oregon senior state director for HSUS, submitted testimony at the commission's April 20 meeting with studies showing suffering endured by trapped animals can be reduced by reducing trap check intervals.

The petition also sought to require that traps be marked with the name and phone number of the trapper; be prohibited within 100 feet of a trail, campground or other premises frequented by the public and that a sign be posted within a 5-foot radius of each trap.

The commission said it will take up the issue at its June meeting, when it already is scheduled to address its 2012-13 trapping regulations. It directed Fish and Wildlife Department staff to consider issues raised in the petition.

--Mitch Lies

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