Stripe rust

Stripe rust has been found in an eastern Idaho wheat field, a researcher says.

Stripe rust has been found in winter wheat east of American Falls, Idaho, the Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network reported.

Soft white winter wheat variety Brundage showed lesions on leaf tips in the upper canopy.

University of Idaho plant pathologist and cereals specialist Juliet Marshall, based at UI’s Idaho Falls Research and Extension Center, wrote in a May 28 alert that stripe rust likely occurred in spring rather than during overwintering and is not widespread.

Growers of susceptible winter or spring wheat varieties can protect vulnerable fields with timely application of fungicides, the alert said. For susceptible spring varieties, application of fungicide mixed with herbicide is also recommended.

According to the USDA Agricultural Research Service, stripe or yellow rust often appears as rows on leaves. It can reduce yields — particularly when plant spikes are infected — and, in cases of early and severe infection, stunt plants. It is associated with fall-seeded wheat where night temperatures are low, but spring wheat planted adjacent to infected fall-seeded wheat also can be susceptible.

The alert also said symptoms of Spot Form of Net Blotch were found in a barley field in the area. Fungicide with herbicide should reduce SFNB impact and stop its spread into the upper canopy.

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