Amalgamated Sugar seeks an Idaho Department of Environmental Quality permit to improve its beet-sugar plant in Paul.

The department seeks public comment through Oct. 10 on a proposed air-quality permit to construct, which would regulate emissions from Amalgamated Sugar’s manufacturing plant at 50 S. 500 W.

Boise-based Amalgamated said in a Statement of Basis to Idaho DEQ that it proposes to replace a natural-gas-fired boiler, which would increasing the energy production capacity by 21 percent a year, and install a new juice storage tank.

Idaho DEQ, in reviewing the permit application, determined building and operating the equipment under the proposed permit’s conditions would not cause or contribute to a violation of and ambient air-quality standard. It would not injure or unreasonably impact human or animal life, or vegetation, the department found.

A public hearing may be held of requested in writing by Sept. 15, the department said.

Information/comment: Tanya Chin, Idaho DEQ State Office Air Quality Division, 1410 N. Hilton St., Boise, Idaho 83706 or


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