Antelope Valley, CA, May 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- SoCal Farms LLC (SoCal Farms, or the Company), a Company formed by a coalition of agricultural industry leaders who are dedicated to the research and cultivation of high-quality hemp, announced today the Company has planted 100 acres of hemp in Los Angeles County. This positions SoCal Farms as the leading major business-to-business cannabidiol (CBD) full-spectrum oil supplier in California for the rapidly evolving multi-billion dollar industry.

“We have put a considerable amount of time and attention into understanding the science and business behind the crop and will utilize our discoveries and collective experience working in Antelope Valley to provide the quality and consistency leading manufacturers need in their supply chain,” said SoCal Farms Vice President of Sales and Marketing Zac Cullen. “We will be scaling our operations rapidly in the coming months to meet the demand for large quality orders.”

SoCal Farms has planted its first hemp crop of approximately 650,000 plants on 100 certified organic acres in Antelope Valley. The Company utilizes adjudicated water and has access to enough land to plant on up to 15,000 acres within the immediate area, as well as Southern California and other Western States.

The 100-acre area of the farm is dedicated to the research and development of the hemp plant and the Company is working closely with Antelope Valley College to further refine optimal growing practices for hemp in the area’s microclimate. SoCal Farms’ dedication to research of hemp allows the Company to offer consistent quantities of CBD full-spectrum oil to major manufacturers without compromising the quality of the product. The consistency of the product not only provides access to virtually any quantity of product at any time, but the Company’s product will also be consistent in taste, color, aroma, and level of cannabinoids.

SoCal Farms’ extraction systems are in Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) facilities. The Company’s tracking system is in blockchain to ensure the consumer knows exactly where the seed originated from, through the finished product.

The Company is comprised of experienced leaders in the Antelope Valley farming industry who bring their knowledge of various farming, research, transportation, marketing and retail to the hemp industry. The Company sees Antelope Valley as a premier location for growing hemp as the elevation, isolation and humidity levels create the ideal climate for hemp cultivation.

“Being a third generation farmer, I have dedicated my life to our industry, not only by growing and processing but through research and development,” said SoCal Farms President Donald Collins. “We will take the hemp industry to the next level of professionalism, and I believe we can do this thanks to our incredible roster of executives. Our experts work to drive the hemp industry forward each day by applying their years of knowledge in the farming industry with large scale operations to build this groundbreaking and forward-thinking company.”

SoCal Farms is the first hemp farm to have approval from the Los Angeles County Agriculture Commissioner to cultivate hemp in the area. The Global State of Hemp reports the global hemp market is expected to reach $5.7 billion across all markets by 2020, which represents a three-year compound annual growth rate of 17.5%.

SoCal Farms has established partnerships with organizations to avoid every identifiable bottleneck. SoCal Farms’ mission of producing consistent quantity and quality CBD full-spectrum oil for leading manufacturers has begun with harvest set for mid-July 2019. SoCal Farms also plans to bring an abundance of above minimum wage jobs to the community of the Antelope Valley, an area of California that saw many farmers move away over the past years due to water adjudication and other various issues.

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About SoCal Farms LLC

Founded in February 2018, SoCal Farms LLC operates the first legal hemp cultivation business in Los Angeles County’s Antelope Valley. With 15,000 acres of available grow space, SoCal Farms is run by a coalition of farming industry experts who are committed to researching, developing and cultivating the highest-quality, full-spectrum hemp biomass. SoCal Farms is dedicated to elevating the hemp industry’s professionalism and quality through consistency without compromise, elite partnerships, advanced research and first-hand agricultural experience. SoCal Farms is the first hemp farm to gain approval from the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner for cultivation.

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