Quincy FFA Members

Quincy FFA Members at the 89th Washington State FFA Convention.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— The Quincy FFA Chapter was well represented at the 89th Washington State FFA Convention held on the campus of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington on May 9-11th. Members were there to compete in Career Development and Leadership Development Events and accept awards.

The convention kicked off on Thursday morning with members competing in five events. Taran Brown qualified for the Employable Skills LDE which requires students complete and submit a resume, cover letter, and digital employment application prior to the competition. While at the competition they complete a personal interview and hand write a follow up letter. The top 8 competitors advance to the State Finals from the preliminary round of 36.

Cooper Raap qualified to compete in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE. This LDE requires students to draw three topics from a pool of 18 and select one and then in a 30-minute period write a four to six minute speech. Students can prepare of to 100 pages of research over the six broad topic areas to use to write their speech. They then deliver their speech and answer up to five minutes of questions. The top 8 competitors advance to the State Finals from the preliminary round of 36.

The First Year Member CDE team of Tucker Ronnish, Marissa Linscott, Hannah Thompson, Krista Kirk, and Ryann Harrington had to complete a 50 question objective test in 20 minutes and then in 10 minutes discuss, prepare, and deliver a short presentation to judges on a scenario that is given to them at the beginning of the preparation time. They did not advance to the final round.

The Food Science and Technology CDE requires students to take a 50 question objective test, complete a math conversion problem, identify safety and sanitation issues from pictures of processing plants, perform sensory evaluation utilizing triangle tests, identify 10 different aromas from samples, and then given a set of ingredients develop a new food product and determine not only the recipe but the nutritional information as well. The team members were Michael Spence, Zayuri Arezemendi, Andrea Diaz, and Karren Barragan.

The Parliamentary Procedure team of Jordan Clark, Madison Lee, Patrick White, Paden Wallace, Anne Safe, Dave Sulistio, Sarahi Domingo, and Joel Faw took their parliamentary law test on Thursday, as well, to determine the ceding of flights for their competition on Saturday. The performance portion of the LDE involves the team being given a main motion and then in 11 minutes each member must debate and utilize other required motions and additional motions and come up with resolution to the main motion.

On Friday, the Agricultural Communications CDE team of Samuel Huezo, Brianna Pedregon, Bryonna Gray, and Abi Thompson had their competition. They had to develop a media plan that utilized social media to promote agricultural advocacy by FFA chapters. This plan was submitted earlier in the spring. They then presented their plan to judges and answered questions. Members also took an editing test and communications quiz. Then all members attended a press conference and then had to complete a practicum area with the information presented at the press conference. One member wrote a feature article, one wrote a letter to the editor, one designed and built a webpage and one designed a promotional video utilizing audio clips, video clips, and text.

The Agriculture Issues Forum CDE team of Gavin Sahli, Cooper Raap, Taran Brown and Jane Kennedy competed on Friday of convention. They had to research and prepare a portfolio of information on a chosen issue. They choose the issue of automation and technology replacing people in farming and processing operations. They then had to prepare a 14-minute presentation taking on whatever form they desired and then answering five minutes of questions.

Esmerelda Buenostro represented the Quincy FFA in the Spanish Creed Speaking LDE. Contestants recite the five paragraphs of the FFA Creed, answer three questions about its meaning, all in Spanish. Washington is the only state in the country that hosts a creed competition for native speakers. She advanced from the prelims into the finals and performed again on Saturday morning, where she earned a fourth-place finish in state.

The Meats Evaluation CDE team had to complete an objective test and ground meat formulation problem on Friday afternoon utilizing the Pearson Square process for determining fat content of the finished product and by determining the least cost formulation of the finished product. On Saturday, they completed the CDE completing practicums in placing carcasses, primal cuts, and retail cuts, identifying 30 retail cuts (Species, Wholesale/Primal cut, Retail cut, and Cookery), quality and yield grading of beef carcasses. Team activities included choosing from 8 cuts the best 4 to create a ground meat product, beef carcass pricing, and bone and muscle identification. The team of Madison Lee, Anne Safe, Tommy Workinger, and Paden Wallace earned a 6th Place finish in the Meats Evaluation CDE.

Cooper Raap earned the First Place Plaque in the Diversified Agriculture Production Proficiency Award Area for his Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) project involving the production of his herd of 12 head of beef cows and working for the neighbor’s hay production operation.

Gavin Sahli also earned a First Place Plaque in Nursery Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency Award for his SAE project involving his nursery planting of 76,000 Honey Crisp apple seedlings. Since both Cooper and Gavin are juniors their applications were held back from National consideration until the completion of the senior project year.

While at convention members also attended four convention sessions where they heard from visiting legislators and dignitaries, Eastern Region National FFA Vice-President Adrian Schunk from Michigan, Keynote Speaker Kelly Schelee. They also toured the Agriculture Expo with booths from colleges and agribusinesses, participated in the Little Farmers Community Service Project, attended leadership workshops and toured the WSU Campus.


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