Dr. David A. Pyke of Corvallis, OR, received a Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award at the Society for Range Management’s (SRM) 72 nd Annual Meeting, Technical Training and Tradeshow in Minneapolis, MN, February 10-14, 2019. The Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award is presented by the Society to members for long-term contributions to the art and science of range management and to the Society for Range Management.

Dr David A. Pyke’s research has made tremendous advances on the basic and applied knowledge needed to monitor and manage rangelands in a changing world. Over the more than 45 years that he has been an SRM member, he has contributed over 100 publications, decades of classroom teaching and mentoring for many graduate students, and tireless outreach. Dr. Pyke helped lead the 1) development of the resistance and resilience paradigm and its application in rangelands, 2) indicators of rangeland health and associated monitoring strategies, 3) the science and management actions regarding sage grouse and sagebrush conservation, 4) assessment and improvement of the US Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation program, and 5) has led the way for spatially extensive analyses of rangeland practices, such as in the eco-regional scale assessment of BLM land treatments and SageSTEP (see 2014 Rangeland Ecology and Management, Vol 67(5) special SageSTEP issue). The SageSTEP experiment tests management options for reducing loss of sagebrush steppe rangelands from tree or annual grass invasion, using uniform treatments and measurements at sites spanning five states in the western US.

David’s PhD research in the early 1980’s showed how demographic information – albeit tedious to obtain – was essential for understanding exotic annual grass populations. His more recent work involves assessments of broad issues regarding climate, fire, grazing, and restoration at continental and global scales. Dr Pyke is regularly consulted to provide science advice for the development of policy and implementation at all levels of public land management. Few scientists have developed such a comprehensive rangeland research program that is so frequently and readily incorporated into land management. It is for these reasons that we presented Dr. David A. Pyke with the Society for Range Management’s Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award for 2019.

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