UNION GAP, WA - Northstar Attachments and Rankin Equipment Co. have recently acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and market The Vernimator™ product line from WH-2 Investments, LLC (WH-2) formerly of Touchet, Washington. For most of the past decade Inventive Products of Mountain Home, Idaho has been manufacturing the product line for WH-2, who holds the trademarks and intellectual property on them. With the partnership, Rankin Equipment Co.’s engineering team has made improvements to the products to increase productivity, and MCM Strategic + Communications has designed new logos, marketing materials, and a new microsite for the product.

With two models, The Verminator™ designed for commercial farmers, and The Junior designed for smaller landowners; this product has revolutionized gopher management in fields and orchards. This attachment for your trailer burrows underground creating tunnels into which it periodically drops bait. As many farmers know, gophers can cause serious damage to your fields, orchards, and vineyards over the course of a year. A single pocket gopher is capable of digging over 150 tunnels per day, and moving 4 tons of dirt per year, which can be troublesome for many crops. Studies have shown that The Verminator™ has an effectiveness rate of 80%, far superior to other methods of controlling gophers.

“We are excited to bring on this best-in-class line at Rankin Equipment Co., and look forward to providing this product to landowners, farmers, and orchardists across the United States and Canada,” mentioned Dave Rankin, CEO or Rankin Equipment Co. “The quality and effectiveness of this implement is truly unparalleled in the industry. We’re confident buyers will notice a significant improvement in gopher management with this product.”

Rankin Equipment has been serving the needs of farmers, orchardists, ranchers, construction companies, equestrians, and hobby farmers since 1935. Based in the Yakima Valley, the company distributes over 50 verticals of equipment and implements from over 30 manufactures, including Northstar Attachments, which the family also owns and manufactures on-site at their factory in Union Gap.

For more information about Rankin Equipment or The Verminator please visit www.rankinequipment.com or www.verminator.us , call 1-800-426-2009, or find them on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RankinEquipmentCompany. View the new promotional video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1y8eqWu1G4.

Brands represented by Rankin Equipment Company include ATI Corporation, Danuser, Celli, Pequea, Maybridge, Maxilator, Sitrex, Worksaver, Shaver, Cosmo, Carraospray, APV, Borello, Seppi M, Sicma, N. Blosi, Paladin, Verminator, Ilmer, 3S Enterprises, Spedo, Northstar Attachments, Highline Manufacturing, Loftness, KMW, Bestway, American Landmaster, J&M, and Tebben.

Rankin Equipment is located at 3205 Bay Street, Union Gap, Washington 98903. They can be reached via phone at 1-800-426-2009.