There are 2 scholarships available through the Linn-Benton Women for Agriculture. If you or someone you know has been a resident of Linn or Benton County a minimum of two years during their high school education, and either a child or grandchild of a Linn-Benton Women for Ag member OR pursuing a major in agricultural studies, please visit for the application, or see attachment, or contact Sue at for more information.

Scholarship Application Rules & Requirements

1. Student must be/have been a resident of Linn or Benton County a minimum of two years during their high school education.

2. Student must have college sophomore status by upcoming fall term.

3. Student must be pursuing a major in agricultural studies AND/OR child or grandchild of a Linn-Benton Women for Agriculture Member.

4. Money is expected to be used for tuition and/or books. *Considerations will be given for special agriculture-related studies, such as Master’s degree program projects needing funding.

5. Applications must be postmarked no later than May 1st of the given year.

6. Money will be disbursed to the student during a Linn-Benton monthly meeting.

7. Age is not a consideration.

8. Scholarship may be used for an accredited school outside of Oregon.

9. Scholarships are based on merit. If a student has a full scholarship, he/she does not qualify. If, after receiving scholarship, the recipient receives a full scholarship, a refund is expected.

10. Student may be awarded a scholarship more than once. Each year a new application is required.

11. If no qualified applications result, the funds will go into the endowment.

12. If the student quits school after receiving the scholarship, a refund will be required and the second place applicant will receive the funds or funds will be returned to the endowment.

13. The scholarship application will be considered incomplete unless all required parts are submitted (general application, essay, letters of reference, transcripts). Please read the application carefully.

Send completed application and supporting documents to:

Linn-Benton Women for Agriculture

c/o Sue Kalina

333 Lyon St. SE

Albany, OR 97321

-via email-


Linn-Benton Women for Agriculture

Scholarship for Agriculture Major and Child or Grandchild of Member


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