Growers learn about new wheat genetics at the LCS Field Day in Walla Walla, Washington.

October 29, 2019 – For wheat growers, fall is arguably the busiest and most anticipated time of the year. Harvest is in full swing, and there’s only a short window of time to analyze trial data before selecting new varieties. Then it’s time to climb back in the tractor and sow next year’s crop. The same can be said for wheat breeding companies like Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS), but instead of deciding which varieties to plant, breeders debate which experimental lines will advance to full-fledged releases. This fall was no exception, and LCS is proud to release five new varieties for the Pacific Northwest.


LCS Blackjack stacks the deck with yield and disease tolerance

LCS Blackjack has been attracting attention in statewide variety trials for the past two years, boasting the yield potential of Rosalyn and the disease package of Bobtail. The awnless soft white wheat’s winter-hardiness and strong straw have helped it top yield trials in the intermediate to high rainfall zones of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. LCS Blackjack also has an excellent disease package above and below ground, with good tolerance to stripe rust, strawbreaker footrot and crown rot, plus intermediate tolerance to C-stripe and Septoria.


LCS Blackjack doubles down on yield.


LCS Photon AX and LCS Helix AX advance grassy weed control

CoAXium Wheat Production System varieties utilize a non-GMO herbicide-tolerant trait to control yield-robbing grassy weeds. New hard red winter wheats LCS Photon AX and LCS Helix AX join last year’s LCS Fusion AX, but with improved end-use quality and straw strength. LCS Photon AX is a taller plant type best suited for low rainfall production. LCS Helix AX also performs well in low rainfall, but a shorter and stronger straw make the variety well adapted to higher rainfall as well. All CoAXium varieties require a signed stewardship agreement before seed purchase.


LCS Photon AX has the highest protein content in the CoAXium lineup.


LCS Helix AX has the strongest straw of CoAXium varieties.


VI Bulldog and VI Frost thrive from collaboration

Varsity Idaho, the longstanding and fruitful partnership between LCS and the University of Idaho, has two new soft white winter wheats to offer PNW growers. VI Bulldog is ideal for high rainfall and irrigated growers, with extremely strong straw and high yield potential. For low rainfall producers of eastern Washington, VI Frost delivers excellent winter-hardiness and performance.


VI Bulldog is reigning over wheat fields with straw strength and yield.


VI Frost will foil the freeze.

All the new LCS releases had foundation seed acres placed this fall and will be available to growers next season in limited quantities.

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