Fresno, CA – The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a refocus on building and maintaining a healthy immune system. Information on the way in which fresh grapes contribute to both is now available in one place for easy reference.

The health info-sheet combines results of health research on the benefit grapes provide to brain1, heart2, and colon health3 with data from two professors at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy showing how healthy diets that include grapes can help flatten the COVID-19 curve4. In addition, two recent magazine articles summarize a number of ways grape consumption positively impacts health.

The first magazine article, from Good Housekeeping titled, “10 Health Benefits of Grapes That’ll Make You Want to Eat the Whole Bunch,” highlights how grapes help regulate blood pressure, lower the risk of diabetes, and can help with weight loss or management5.

The second article, “Feast Upon the 100 Best Foods for Men,” from Men’s Health, highlights the antioxidant power of grapes to help fight disease6.

In fact, grapes have over 1,600 phytonutrients that may also help maintain health in a variety of ways from promoting antioxidant activity to enhancing cell-to-cell communications which help maintain the health of cells7.

The health info-sheet comes as the 2020-21 California table grape season gets underway in the next few days and runs into January. The health info-sheet is included with this release.









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