2019 Goldendale CASE FSS

On July 8-18, 2019, the Goldendale Agriculture Department recently hosted a nine-day professional development institute for 21 participants. Participants traveled from Florida, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Oregon, and other areas of Washington to participate in this excellent opportunity for intense professional development. The institute provided experience in a full year of curriculum for Food Science and Safety. The curriculum was written by Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE).

CASE is an instructional system that is changing the culture of agriculture programs in the United States through intense teacher professional development; inquiry-based, student-focused lessons; assessment; and certification. CASE equips teachers to elevate student experiences in the agriscience classroom and prepares students for success in college and careers emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Randi Krieg served as site coordinator for the CASE Institute and worked closely with CASE staff, CASE Lead Teachers, Joshua Krieg and Brooklyn Bush, and participating teachers from across the nation to help make the institute successful. While at the CASE Institute, participants spent 70 hours working through nearly every lesson in the year-long curriculum and learning how to deliver lessons using inquiry-based learning, which shifts focus in the classroom from teacher-led to student-directed learning.

“This was a great professional development that will allow my students to take their learning in other CASE courses of production agriculture to the next level. They will now be able to see the consumer and scientific aspects of food and its production,” commented Jennifer McCann-Arreola, Grandview Agriculture Instructor.

For more information about CASE, visit www.case4learning.org


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