We are taking 20 years of Certa-Set’s field-proven, spline-locking design to a whole new level.

Certa-Set® CLIC is the latest evolution in Solid-Set Irrigation systems from NAPCO Pipe & Fittings. Certa-Set CLIC’s all-in-one design assembles in a click allowing for 40% faster installation compared to current solid-set systems. Come get your first look at our hands-on display at Booth K50 just outside the Irrigation Pavilion B.

Features & Benefits

  • Increased Installation Efficiency – faster assembly helps reduce installation time and reduces installation crew size while increasing acres installed per hour
  • Less Complexity – Certa-Set CLIC’s integral spline allows for faster installation by eliminating the need for manual spline insertion
  • Automated Pipe Disassembly – improvements in mechanization increase efficiency in pipe retrieval

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