Yakima, WA, May 2021 – Follow your crop from the field to the packhouse with this powerful all-inclusive platform created with farms in mind. Harvest Engine, powered by Kragworks Ag Solutions, is a unified management solution created to integrate and aggregate data across orchards, farms, and processors. With five base modules including Scouting, Crop Estimates, Harvest Planning, Receiving, and Quality Control - Harvest Engine is completely scalable based on your specific management needs.

Using their own mobile device, growers can map each block directly in the field. Dig deep into highly impactful data by recording configurable scouting events, such as, pre-harvest samples, pest damage, and crop growth. Get detailed with tracking and pinpoint in field storage units or restrooms and their last servicing date. Make quick and efficient decisions straight from the field with real-time data syncing instantly to your device. Harvest Engine also offers crop forecasting and storage plans with the ability to track throughout the growing season. Optimize time and schedule picks in advance from the web portal dashboard or on-the-go from our mobile app. Once harvest arrives, receive and QC product in the field and at the packhouse with enhanced visibility into load scheduling and receiving times.

At Kragworks, meaningful data begins at the roots and Harvest Engine is ready to drive your data to perform.