The Scio High School FFA has been the go-to chapter for the Willamette Valley Ag Expo for over 10 years.

The students play several important roles at the Expo, including serving as ambassadors and greeting attendees at the front door.

Krysta Sprague, in her first year as the Scio FFA’s adviser, is stepping into the successful, longstanding partnership between the FFA program and the Expo.

Sprague had the machinery of the Scio FFA Chapter humming along smoothly just after the start of the school year as plans were laid, assignments given out and activities prepared for the three-day, mid-November Expo. Sprague displays a firm command of her new duties and a determination to continue the success of the partnership. In addition to all four years of high school ag classes, she teaches beginner classes in welding and wood shop.

“I’m so new here and new to this community, so this is a big learning experience for me, too,” Sprague said.

Work her students do at the Expo includes duties as cashiers, greeters and survey-takers as well as hosting at the third year of the successful Dine Around Oregon event, which is scheduled for 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 12.

“My kids work for the WVAE, which gives them money for what they do (pro-rated for hours worked),” Sprague said. “That money goes to pay off some of their debts to the chapter for things like their FFA jackets or anything else they owe.”

Some of the money they earn also goes toward attending the annual FFA National Convention in Louisville, Ky. Each student earns $900 to $1,000 during the year from car washes, sales of food items and events like the Expo, Sprague said.

The Willamette Valley Ag Association, a nonprofit ag trade and education organization, puts on the Expo each year. Association manager Jill Ingalls, works with her husband, Scott, to coordinate the yearly event.

Jill Ingalls made a trip to Scio in September to chat with the students and make sure the students were up-to-date on their Expo duties and responsibilities.

“You guys are very critical to this Expo,” Ingalls told the students. “We really do rely on you to be there to take tickets, sell tickets, act as our ambassadors and greeters and as the first faces people see when they come to the Expo.”

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