Papé sells equipment for every farmer’s needs

Papé Machinery has many locations in the West and is a vendor at the Willamette Valley Ag Expo.

Corporate Products Specialist Carl Laux of the Lardon Road site of Papé Machinery in Salem explains that his lofty title merely means he focuses on all of the specialty products the company carries, which are many and varied.

Those products — ranging from windrowers to combines, nut and grape harvesters and sprayers — include equipment to handle “just about everything we do in this valley, most of it specialized,” Laux said.

Papé’s roots go back to 1938, when E.C. Papé started the company. It passed down to Dean and Edward Papé in the 1960s, and in 1990 Randy Papé expanded the business to form the Papé Group of Companies.

The fourth generation of the Papé family, Jordan, became CEO in 2013, and Ryan Papé currently is in charge of the agricultural division of the company.

Papé Machinery has 24 ag locations “when it comes to equipment sales,” Laux said, and a total of 93 in the six Western states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada and Montana.

The company sells several well-known brands of equipment, including John Deere, Stihl and Honda, plus many lines of used equipment.

Laux said the company currently features two foreign-made brands built specifically for the wine grape and nut harvests.

Of those machines, Laux said Papé Machinery in Salem also specializes in sales of Italian-built Monchiero harvesters.

“It’s the only self-propelled harvester that is designed specifically for hazelnuts,” he said. “It’s an all-in-one unit that sweeps and harvests in one pass. We have been the exclusive importer for Monchiero for the past three years.” He noted that Papé has “a dozen of the machines in the field right now.”

Other specialized equipment promoted by Papé is the French-built Pellenc wine grape harvester, of which 16 are in the Willamette Valley’s fields during the height of this fall’s harvest.

“We have all of Oregon for the Pellenc products and all of the Western United States for the Monchiero equipment,” he said, adding that Papé Machinery also features specialty equipment from over 130 companies that sell sprayers, harvesters and other equipment.

Papé also provides training for customers.

“We feel that’s very important to make sure that customers and employees are trained on every piece of equipment we sell,” he said.

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