Optimizer gets whole job done in single pass

of NW 94 Sales The Optimizer One-Pass Tillage System will soon be available to buyers across the Pacific Northwest, according to Steve Prouty of NW 94 Sales.

The Optimizer One-Pass Tillage System implement is as big as its name implies — 18 feet wide and 40 feet long — and should be a big draw for visitors at this year’s Willamette Valley Ag Expo.

The Optimizer is a tillage instrument designed by Tillage Management, Inc., of Tulare, Calif., and is manufactured by GK Machine of Donald, Ore.

Steve Prouty is the owner of a manufacturer’s representative company and of NW 94 Sales in Albany. He is also is a two-year board member of the Willamette Valley Agricultural Association, which produces the Expo.

The implement is so large that Prouty said “it’s going in the space outside” his rented exhibition area.

“The Optimizer has actually been around for some time,” Prouty said. “It is a one-pass tillage system and basically replaces anything that will prep the ground for seeding. And it will actually do that, too.”

The machine is designed to operate at 5 to 7 mph and cover 8 to 12 acres per hour, saving “50 percent or more” on fuel, with less soil compaction and improved soil tilth, according to the company.

The company also says the one-pass tillage implement reduces labor by up to 70 percent, shortens turnaround time between crops and increases profits.

“We introduced it into Idaho this season,” Prouty said.

Prouty said farmers in the Oregon and Idaho area talk about how the Optimizer will “go into a corn field after harvest and prep it for seedbed” in one pass. And “it likes to go fast,” he said.

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