For old time’s sake: Antiques share center stage

Left to right, Wayne Grant, Grayson Tenbusch, Weston Tenbusch, Willy Tenbusch, Karen Grant and Dalton Tenbusch (on tractor) with the John Deere tractors they will show at this year's Willamette Ag Expo.

Wayne Grant and his family will add their vintage John Deere tractors to the Willamette Valley Ag Expo’s collection of antique farm equipment that will be on display this year.

Each year the Expo invites some of the top collectors and restorers of antique equipment to show their tractors and implements.

Grant, 72, his wife Karen, 64, and their son Willy Tenbusch, 45; and Dalton Tenbusch, 18; and twins Weston and Grayson Tenbusch, 10, have shiny, restored 1948 John Deere “D” and 1954 “R” tractors waiting inside pole buildings on their property ready for the show.

Grant and his family grow hazelnuts, grass seed and other crops in addition to managing a lambing operation in the Brownsville, Ore., area.

The two show tractors will join about five dozen other tractors, implements and other farm equipment at the Expo’s popular display.

Dalton also fixed up a pretty little 1946 John Deere “A” machine as an FFA project this year that was to be their third Expo display machine but fate intervened to keep it out of this year’s showcase.

“I finished it and wanted to drive it over to a friend’s wedding in mid-August but the tire came off and I rolled it completely over into a ditch,” Dalton said. Though Dalton was uninjured, the still-shiny tractor was in no shape for the Expo, suffering dents and other damage. It rests in the barn on the family property, awaiting another round of tender loving care.

But the two other machines will represent the family’s dedication to John Deere tractor restoration projects, and along with the several other collections represented during the Nov. 13-15 Expo, the show promises to be a big hit — as always.

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