Dine Around Oregon continues to grow along with the Willamette Valley Ag Expo, according to Jill Ingalls, event coordinator.

The wildly popular dining event continues a 5-year tradition by increasing the seating and selling more tickets this year.

“We’ll be offering a total of 850 tickets, which is the largest we’ve seen,” Ingalls said, “but hopefully this year we won’t turn anyone away.” Seating areas have been added as well as some additional gathering spots to accommodate everyone.

The concept for Dine Around Oregon isn’t new, but this one will be a bit different, she said. That’s because there is a full meal buffet with a different theme in each building — “and you can eat your way through all of them!” she said. You’ll also find local products to sample, such as Oregon olive oil, and even local craft brews and spirits (not included with the meal ticket).

Dine Around Oregon has turned Wednesday night of the Willamette Valley Agriculture Expo into “a bit of a reunion,” Ingalls said. “So many folks look forward to seeing their neighbors and suppliers at this fun event.”

The value of a similar meal would exceed $30 anywhere else, she said.

“But here at the Expo, our sponsors and partners bring the hard cost of this meal down to just $12. For example, the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association contributes Oregon beef products, the Oregon Dairy Women bring pounds and pounds of Oregon cheese and the list goes on with each type of food product,” she said.

“What started out as a nice idea for a fun activity on Wednesday evening has turned into a lovely event with high demand for tickets,” Ingalls said. “Vendors love the activity at night, and stay open to accommodate shoppers and farmers that can’t attend the Expo during the typical daytime hours.

“Small farms and home or backyard operation producers tend to show up on Wednesday night, as many work off the farm at a regular 8-to-5 type of job.”

Dine Around Oregon runs from 5 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15. Ingalls said tickets are available online at http://wvaexpo.com.

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