Ag Chains Plus offers solutions for customers

Geoff Parks/For the Capital Press Owners Eric Fery and his sister, Cindy Octobre, in the warehouse at Ag Chains Plus in Stayton, Ore.

Eric Fery and Cindy Octobre answer all questions about their company’s farm equipment belts, chains, bushings, collars, couplers and the like in the same way: “Come to us for solutions!”

The brother-and-sister tandem has turned their six-year-old company, Ag Chains Plus, from a small local supplier business housed in a tiny space into an independent, bursting-at-the-seams business on the lookout for further expansion. All just four years after moving into the Stayton industrial area.

Ag Chains Plus provides belting and lacing products for the food industry, lumber mills, aggregate firms and farm equipment.

It also sells power transmission products to the agricultural industry, roller chains, sprockets, belts, sheaves, bearings, electric motors — “things to make harvesters move, planters run and the like,” said Fery, 50.

“We grew up in this business,” Octobre said of their lives prior to starting Ag Chains Plus. “Eric’s lived around here his whole life and we both grew up on a farm (row crops) and we’ve been in this industry for years.”

They make their money, she said, when they are both on the road doing sales and deliveries, each with their own territories, clientele and business circuits around the Willamette Valley.

The company makes special deliveries and offers consulting services for winter maintenance, business expansion and custom design.

Business has grown consistently since the year it was started, Octobre said.

“There was a niche, a hole, a void that needed to be filled in this industry and we are very dedicated to the people that we have served over the years,” Fery said, explaining their beginnings at Ag Chains Plus.

Fery is also vice chairman of the Willamette Valley Ag Expo.

He said the Expo is much like his and his sister’s company in that it is “all about the farmer and getting the up-to-date technology and components in front of the farmer so they have the opportunity to go, ‘I never knew about that.’”

“When you come to the Expo, we’re going to show you everything that’s out there, from drones, to GPS tracking, to the latest combine swather and put it right out there in front of you,” he said.

Ag Chains Plus will be at Booth 220 in the Willamette Events Center at the Willamette Valley Ag Expo.

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