The Idaho Irrigation Equipment Show & Conference will showcase the latest information in the irrigation industry. The free event is Thursday, Jan. 10, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Nampa Civic Center, 311 Third Street South, Nampa, Idaho. No registration is required.

Fifty-five irrigation equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors of landscape and agricultural irrigation products will be at the show to display their latest equipment and services.

“This is a great opportunity for growers and landscape irrigation contractors to come and see the latest developments in the industry and find solutions to their irrigation needs,” said Howard Neibling, education chairman. The event rotates annually between the cities of Nampa, Burley and Idaho Falls. Technical seminars will also be presented in two education categories: Landscape Irrigation and Agricultural Irrigation. Eight classes have been approved for the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) Continuing Education Credit program in the following areas: Soil and Water (SW), Pest Management (PM) and Professional Development (PD).

Two classes (designated by asterisks) have been approved for a recertification credit for Idaho’s Private and Professional Applicator Licenses. Attendees are encouraged to bring their licenses with them.

The following information lists the time the class is given, the course name, instructor, a short course description, classroom, and whether CCA credit or Idaho Private and Professional Applicator credit is awarded.

Agricultural Irrigation Classes

8-9 a.m. (Select one class)

1. Mobile Drip Irrigation for Pivot Irrigation — Monty Teeter, Dragon-Line, will give the history of mobile drip irrigation from concept, design, installation and implementation. (1 SW) PacificSource Room

2. *Worker Protection Standards — Are you in compliance? Daniel Sandoval, Idaho State Department of Agriculture, will review changes to the worker protection standards that were made in 2015. Have you made the changes? (1 PM) Home Federal Room

10-11 a.m. (Select one class)

1. Idaho Water Supply Outlook — Ron Abramovich, NRCS, will discuss current surface and ground water supply issues, current snow pack data, projected 2019 surface water supply and weather conditions. (1 SW) PacificSource Room

2. Variable Frequency Drives and Motor Fundamentals — Jeremy Corbin, Franklin Electric, will discuss the basics of this technology and the value of variable speed drives, harmonic mitigation, motor technology and premium efficiency considerations. (1 PD) Home Federal Room

Noon-1 p.m. (Select one class)

1. Filtration for Drip Irrigation — Kasey Garrett, Aqua Irrigation, will discuss what to know when 1) choosing the type of filtration 2) sizing the system correctly and 3) conducting operation/maintenance of filtration system. (1 SW) PacificSource Room

2. Are we really in it for the money? David Baker, Apex Drilling, will talk about day-to-day activities that help and hurt your business and profitability. Principles such as advertising, public perception, inventory, maintenance, rolling stock and management issues will be discussed. (1 PD) Home Federal Room

2-3 p.m. (Select one class)

1. Irrigation System Design & Management — Howard Neibling, University of Idaho, will discuss the challenges and solutions of managing irrigation systems with today’s climate variability. (1 SW) PacificSource Room

2. Show Me the Money — NRCS, Idaho Power Co., Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission, USDA Farm Service Agency and others will provide the latest cost-share and loan programs for the 2019 irrigation season. (1 PD) Home Federal Room

Landscape Irrigation Classes

9-10 a.m. (Select one class)

1. Filtration — Kevin Evans, Amiad, will discuss the ins and outs of filtration needs in Idaho. This course will explore filter options, sizes, application and troubleshooting. PacificSource Room

2. Marketing, Networking & Social Media — Krisjan Hiner, Stack Rock Group, will discuss the benefits of using social media to market and grow your business while networking with others in the industry to benefit both parties. Home Federal Room

11 a.m.-Noon (Select one class)

1. Electrical Troubleshooting – Jason Anderson, Inman Interwest, will discuss basic and advanced electrical troubleshooting techniques for all types of turf irrigation systems. PacificSource Room

2. Buying the right pump for your job — Guy Collins, Munro Pumps, will discuss how to size the correct pump for your turf irrigation needs. Also, sizing, troubleshooting and maintaining your pump will be discussed. Home Federal Room

1-2 pm (Select one class)

1. Irrigation Design 101 – Kodi Farnworth, Advanced Irrigation Solutions, will discuss basic irrigation design principles and practices. Learn what you need to know to select the correct products to design an efficient turf irrigation system. PacificSource Room

2. Small Business Boot Camp — Matthew Taylor, Taylor Law Offices, will discuss what you need to know in the legal world regarding your small business. He will cover different ways to set up your company based upon size and type as well as your legal rights. Home Federal Room

3-4 p.m. (Select one class)

1.* Backflow Prevention in Irrigation — Paul Wait, Zurn Industries LLC, will provide an overview of different backflow assemblies. He will also discuss installation, backflow preventers, and recent changes to Idaho backflow laws. PacificSource Room

2. Designing a Water Efficient Landscape — Dennis Fix, Farwest Irrigation, will shed some light on plant water use. For example, “How much water does a 2-inch caliper tree use versus that same tree 5 years later when it might be a 4-inch caliper tree?” How to deal with the increased demand, run times or installation of more emitters. Home Federal Room

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