Farming under the stars. Potatoes arranged in the shape of a foot. A young girl holding a chicken.

The entries in this year’s Spokane Ag Expo and Pacific Northwest Farm Forum’s annual photo contest ranged far and wide.

Photographers are asked to submit photos depicting agriculture in the Inland Northwest. Entries are judged by their theme, composition and creativity.

“I especially enjoyed seeing more people in this year’s set of images,” said Rajah Bose, Spokane photographer, co-founder of Factory Town and a judge in the contest. “Showing the people of our community helps tell the story we are trying to share with the world. The places and the animals are a large part of that, but often we forget ourselves, so I was happy to see people finding themselves in those moments.”

In the adult category, Jim Heywood of Chattaroy received first place for “Sunflowers Under a Smoky Dawn.”

“A lasting memory this year was the fires that ravaged the summer,” Bose said. “No image captured this better than the sunflowers under the red blazing sun — a giant red beach ball in the sky. It was surreal, so much that I would have doubted it was real if I hadn’t seen that same scene all over the state myself during those long days.”

Second place went to Sharon Lindsay of Spokane for “Harvest Night-Light,” which also received Greater Spokane Incorporated’s Choice award. Third place went to Anna Leitz of Spokane for “Bedtime.”

The Director’s Choice award went to Ray Baker of Spokane for “Wired Determination.”

Greater Spokane Incorporated’s Choice awards also went to Lindsay for “It’s All About Maintenance,” Cathy Sescilla of Rathdrum, Idaho, for “Do You ‘Love’ Me?” and Heywood for “Yes, Both Were Used in 1920s Farming?”

In the children’s category, Layel Duame of Otis Orchards, Wash., received first place for “Amariah with Little Red, My Chicken Love.”

“We loved the sly smile,” Bose said. “Her ginger mess of hair against the red of the bird gives this portrait a sense of realism and reminded us of the endless days of childhood.”

Second place went to Alexis Martin Gilchrist of Lamont, Wash, for “Ladder to Heaven.”

Third place went to Asher Duame of Otis Orchards, Wash., for “Taking a Break.”

Zane Swanger of Medical Lake, Wash,, received Director’s Choice for “Grain Towers at Night.”

Greater Spokane Incorporated’s Choice went to Asher Duame for “Clark, Can I Help You?”

Honorable mention went to Nathan Sescilla of Rathdrum for “Together for Ever,” Michael Tochinskiy of Colville, Wash., for “That Sky,” Maria Schutt of Colville for “Flawless Features” and Mya Lynch of Sprague for “Harvest.”

All entries are on display in the Spokane Convention Center Exhibit Hall during the Spokane Ag Expo and Pacific Northwest Farm Forum.

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