Photographs capturing the essence of rural life will again be displayed at this year’s Spokane Ag Expo and Pacific Northwest Farm Forum.

They are part of the Expo’s annual photo contest.

“This contest celebrates rural life, and we love to see all the moments that make up that life,” said photo contest judge Rajah Bose, a Spokane photographer and co-founder of the photo and video design studio Factory Town. “Whether it’s brilliantly lit, harshly gritty or just simply sweet, there is no better person to find those moments than the ones living it.”

The contest received 75 entries.

In the youth category, winners were:

• First place: Avery Hughes of Newman Lake, Wash., for “What Are You Looking At?”

“We were sure this was a painting at first as it seemed like a perfect composition,” Bose said. “We appreciated the photographer’s ability to get in tight on this image, which yielded a beauty that wouldn’t have been obvious in a wider image. Beautiful texture and color.”

• Second place: Anna Leitz of Spokane, for “Are You My Momma?”

• Third place: Hughes for “Grape Leaf Perspective.”

The Greater Spokane Incorporated’s Choice award went to Leitz’s “Are You My Momma?”

Honorable mention went to Hughes’ “Bovines at Sundown,” Emma Kate Bartels of Spangle, Wash., for “Snazzy Jazzy,” and Leitz for “Team Work.”

Judges were surprised to see fewer entries in the youth category this year, Bose said.

“Even so, there were some great images to choose from,” Bose said. “We love to see photos that show your life and the unique moments you see around you every day. Teachers and parents, this is a fun and educational way to capture and tell the stories happening around the ranch, home and surrounding farms.”

Adult winners were:

• First place: Alyx Hanson of Elk, Wash., for “Resistance and Resilience.”

“This image was a universal favorite among the judges,” Bose said. “The emotion was easy to read in the kid’s face, and there was enough context that made the picture quick to understand.”

• Second place: John Bartels of Spangle for “Early Morning Wash Rack Trip.”

• Third place: Steve Shining of Spokane for “Dusty Plowing.”

The Director’s Choice Award went to Ashley Hanson of Elk for “Cold Weather Women.”

The Greater Spokane Incorporated’s Choice award went to Sharon Lindsay of Spokane for “Vintage Harvest 2016.”

Honorable mention went to Ryan Esvelt of Rice, Wash., for “Morning Drive,” Jim Heywood of Chattaroy, Wash., for “Dance of the Harvesters” and Sue Tebow of Moses Lake, Wash. for “My Bulls.”

Bose offered advice for next year’s photographers: “Focus on capturing genuine moments, great light and beautiful composition.”

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