SPOKANE — Thursday’s Career Fair offers students a chance to see the many opportunities that are available and start thinking about their future.

Andy Winnett with the John Deere Tech program, responding on behalf of Pape Machinery, said the two companies work together to train new technicians for the Pape group. The program offers a two-year associate’s degree and provides extensive training on John Deere equipment.

Winnett said he’s looking for future technicians who are past the interest stage and have decided that they want to work on the equipment.

He recommends students at the career fair ask such questions as the education they need, how much it costs, what options are available to afford school and whether they will be able to get a job after graduating.

It’ll be the first time at the Career Fair for Jim Miller, director of sales and marketing at CHS in Lewiston, Idaho.

Miller said he’s looking for students with an agricultural background and planning to further their education in college or at a trade school.

“We’re looking for students who are articulate, can introduce themselves and have an elevator speech — a 30-second introduction on what their background is, what they’re excited about, what their future plans are,” he said. “We’re also looking for someone who can articulate how they can fit into our company.”

Miller recommended students do research on the companies that will be attending the Career Fair. They should bring their resume and be willing to follow up with a “Thank-you” phone call or email.

“I put a lot of that initiative on the student,” he said. “The ones that make those connections afterward really rise to the top in our minds.”

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