Signs urge drivers to keep it safe around farm machinery

Janae Sargent/Capital Press Oregon Aglink and Papé Machinery are sponsoring a safety campaign that funded 200 signs to be placed along rural roads around Marion County, Ore. The signs urge drivers to be aware of farm equipment and to pass with care.

Oregon Aglink and Papé Machinery distributed 200 signs along rural Marion County, Ore., roads in June to promote the awareness of farm equipment and safe driving.

The signs are posted along roads in agricultural areas and encourage drivers to watch for farm equipment.

Geoff Horning, Oregon Aglink executive director, said he hopes to expand the signs into other counties across Oregon in 2016-2017.

“Statistically, there are a lot of road-based accidents with the general public getting impatient,” Horning said. “We wanted to create some awareness.”

Horning said the conversation about road safety and farm equipment started with farmers who expressed that driving on some rural roads was dangerous because drivers in cars illegally pass tractors and other farm equipment.

Papé Machinery partnered with Oregon Aglink to cover the costs of creating and distributing the signs.

The distribution of safe-driving signs is one of several safety measures Oregon Aglink is sponsoring this year.

The organization sponsored online videos in cooperation with SAIF Corp. to educate farmers on shop safety, tractor safety and all-terrain vehicle safety.

Horning said Oregon Aglink will be distributing the shop safety video to its membership during the first week of September as a part of national agricultural safety week.

“We take safety very seriously,” Horning said. “We have a strong relationship with SAIF Corp. We want to educate people to help them slow down and not be in such a hurry because most accidents can be avoided.”

Oregon Aglink, formerly known as the Agri-Business Council of Oregon, is a private, nonprofit volunteer membership organization dedicated to growing Oregon agriculture through education and promotion. The organization also seeks to bridge the gap between urban and rural Oregonians.

Papé Machinery sells and services new and used agricultural and construction machinery through 21 locations in Oregon, Washington, California and Nevada.

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