Parking free for all at this year’s Northwest Ag Show

Kubota Tractor Co. is a major sponsor of this year’s Northwest Ag Show at the Oregon State Fairgrounds and Exposition Center.

Back by popular demand, parking is free for all three days at this year’s Northwest Ag Show.

The parking is sponsored by Kubota Tractor Corp.

“This is a big deal for the show as we had gone away from it for the last two years, only offering free parking on one day of the show,” Amy Patrick, show organizer, said. “It’s just another way we work to make it easier for our attendees to come to the show.”

It’s also part of the build-up to the show’s 50th anniversary in 2019.

“We were able to buy up the parking lot at the Expo Center for many years, then it was taken over by Metro in the early 2000s and we went through several years of not being able to do that,” Patrick said. “It’s always something that comes up with people at the show, so as part of our celebration it’s a no-brainer.”

Of course, the free parking is a great benefit and convenience for the exhibitors, too.

“We strive to be exhibitor-friendly and that resonates with them,” Patrick said. “They’re choosing to spend their advertising money at the show so we want to make it a pleasant experience for them, including offering wi-fi and doing our best to help them make good contacts. That goes a long way with them.”

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