Kubota dealers are looking forward to getting back to an in-person Northwest Ag Show this year.

“We have been happy with the attendance of the other shows and fairs we’ve participated in so far this year and we’re really looking forward to seeing our customers face-to-face again,” said Brad Wilcox, Kubota Tractor Company’s regional sales manager for 21 dealerships across Oregon and Southwest Washington. “As ever, our goals for such shows include educating attendees on new farm practices and showing off the latest and greatest equipment, and that works better when they can sit in the seat, ask questions and grow attached to the equipment.”

The first Kubota tractor introduced in the U.S. in 1969 was an overnight success, filling a product void for a sub-compact tractor. Today, Kubota offers products in a wide variety of segments, with ag equipment representing about 60% of sales.

Over the past four decades, Kubota Tractor Company has continued to expand its product line. Today, Kubota is a leading U.S. marketer and distributor of Kubota-engineered and -manufactured machinery and equipment.

“Kubota is one of the few companies left that will design, engineer, manufacture and distribute the product,” Wilcox said. “With very few exceptions, we do not farm out tractors to be made by somebody else and branded for us.

“That’s something very few companies in this industry can say,” Wilcox said. “If something happens down the road, we’re not pointing fingers at somebody else; we are responsible for that product for years to come.”

With the company shipping more tractors than ever, that demand has resulted in many dealership lots looking pretty empty.

“Our actual sales have increased by double digits per year for the last two years and we’re asking our customers to be patient as to delivery dates as the demand stays sky high,” Wilcox said.

Despite inflation and the rising price of fuel, milk, eggs and other commodities over the last 18 months, tractor prices have been an exception to the rule.

“While there has only been a minor increase in the cost of new equipment, the value of used equipment has increased sizably, which makes it a very good time to trade up,” Wilcox said.

The dramatic increase in building has put excavating equipment in particularly high demand. On the commercial ag side, rising labor costs are spurring farmers to employ the use of tractors and other machinery wherever possible.

Kubota’s website offers a “Build My Kubota” feature where customers can spec out a Kubota product, get a base price and use the document to seek out competitive quotes and make informed decisions.

“It is a very handy tool that allows consumers to do some shopping and see some different options and base prices,” Wilcox said. “For nearly 40 years, we have also provided customers with a wide range of financing options, enabling Kubota dealers to tailor a variety of finance and lease programs to meet specific customer requirements.”

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