Brian Field, owner of Harvest Capital Company and the Northwest Ag Show’s presenting sponsor, is a staunch FFA supporter. He credits the organization with developing not only his potential but that of several Harvest Capital employees.

“FFA is the shining star of the leadership organizations involved with career and technical education in our school systems throughout the nation,” Field said. “When you get a chance to be around young people that have been through FFA, no matter whether you’re in the ag business or another industry entirely, you will notice the poise and quality of students and the leadership potential they possess.

“FFA involvement in a young person’s background is a life-changing enhancement, giving that member a distinct advantage not only in our workplaces but in society throughout our nation,” Field added.

FFA has a distinct advantage in taking on the new format of this year’s Northwest Ag Show — a stable of young FFA leaders.

“They are in the middle of everything we’re doing,” Oregon FFA President Shawn Dooley said. “We will open with a welcome video from our state officers about FFA and its three-circle model of classroom instruction, hands-on workplace experience and activities where they can demonstrate their skills and develop the characteristics that make them more valuable, better-prepared future employees.”

Information presented at the show about the Oregon FFA Foundation, Oregon FFA’s primary funding source, will include the introduction of Betsy Hartley, the new development director.

The group will also be spreading the word about Wilco’s annual meeting and silent auction. All proceeds from the auction go to FFA.

“With the meeting going virtual, thousands rather than hundreds will be able to bid or make donations,” Dooley said. “Now we can let every Wilco member in our database know, so somebody from Idaho could be bidding on raffle items.

“We will also be announcing something that is not yet public so people will want to enter the Ag Show portal to find out what it is,” Dooley said.

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