Oregon FFA Ambassadors

Oregon FFA ambassadors, left to right, are Cailey Ellzey, Hannah McAuliffe, Madelyn Higgins-Porterfield and Abigayle Darula.

In another first at this year’s Northwest Ag Show, Oregon FFA Foundation ambassadors will promote the event on social media as it is happening.

“They will be doing video interviews with vendors, and sharing that through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat,” said Christa Towery, associate stewardship officer for the foundation.

The arrangement with the Capital Press, new operators of the show, will provide the ambassadors with training in interview skills and other communication skills, while providing Capital Press and the EO Media Group with event promotions.

“I think it is going to be a really beneficial experience for both parties involved,” Towery said. “EO Media Group is allowing the ambassadors an opportunity to research and implement the best ways to promote the event via social media platforms. This is a really awesome opportunity for the ambassadors to treat this experience like a job.”

The Oregon FFA Foundation and the Oregon FFA Association have long participated in the Northwest Ag Show, but this year’s event is the first under the new arrangement, Towery said.

As in past shows, the ambassadors will also be conversing with attendees on a more casual basis, Towery said.

“For those who are interested in learning more about Oregon FFA, the ambassadors will be sharing their positive experiences in FFA, talking about what they’ve gained, and how they’ve grown through FFA,” Towery said.

“Our ambassadors get schooled in public speaking and other professional development skills as part of an annual weeklong training session and are very fluent in conversing with the public,” Towery said.

“Sharing their experiences is something we actually practice and perform,” Towery said, “and the ambassadors really grow through their training and their year of being an ambassador. They have great conversational skills, in part because they go to a lot of events where they are having conversations with people, and not all of it is scripted.”

To become an ambassador, FFA members submit an application with a cover letter and references and are chosen by a panel made up of foundation staff, past ambassadors and board members.

Also, at the 2019 Northwest Ag Show, Oregon FFA officers will be on hand in vendor booths the final two days of the show, Jan. 17 and 18.

“If the vendors are an Oregon FFA Foundation Star Partner (or major contributor to FFA) and would like the state officers to be in their booth, we will do so,” Towery said.

“We consider it a great opportunity for the state officers to build relationships with our Star Partners at this event and to share with the public what FFA is, and what they are doing within the association.

And I think it helps show the public that a particular vendor cares about FFA and contributes to the success of Oregon FFA,” Towery said.

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