You can rely on the Case IH collectors to bring their antique tractors to the Northwest Agricultural Show. And you can count on members of Antique Powerland’s Oregon Vintage Machinery Museum to display their antique John Deere machinery.

“Those (John Deere collectors) always have a wonderful display,” said Al Hall, marketing director for the Antique Powerland Museum Association in Brooks, Ore.

Members of the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum, which Hall said is the only strictly Caterpillar museum in the world, also don’t hold back when it comes to putting their best foot forward.

“Those guys always have a really nice display at the ag show,” Hall said.

Powerland’s Willow Creek Railroad Museum, which operates a one-eighth-scale railroad, typically brings a locomotive and a railcar to the show.

Look for the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum to bring an antique truck or two to the show and the Oregon Fire Service Museum to have a display of antique fire-fighting equipment.

Also, show visitors can expect to see cars and motorcycles from Antique Powerland’s Northwest Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum.

In all, the museums typically bring more than 100 pieces of equipment to the show, Hall said, as most of the 15 museums at Antique Powerland participate.

“The show is a good way for the museums to promote themselves,” Hall said.

Pam Vorachek, executive director of the Antique Powerland Museum Association, said that in addition to using the event as a promotional event, the Powerland museum volunteers find the show enjoyable.

“They enjoy the camaraderie of visiting with fellow farmers, as well as the opportunity to showcase the historical equipment they take up there,” Vorachek said.

The Antique Powerland Museum Association also participates in the show each year, Vorachek said, using it as an opportunity to promote their offerings.

“We use it as a promotional event to entice people to come to Antique Powerland,” Vorachek said, “and to participate in the Great Oregon Steam-Up.”

The Great Oregon Steam-Up is held the final weekend of July and the first weekend of August each year, this year it is July 30-31 and Aug. 6-7.

Antique Powerland is open on weekends in March and October and Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from April through September.

Housed among the different museums’ antique equipment is the oldest operating steam tractor in the nation, a Case built in 1880, and other highlights for historical buffs, including the first truck iconic grocer Fred Meyer used to deliver groceries.

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