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Marge Lemrick of Middleton, Idaho, and her daughter, Lisa Ruby, give free wagon rides in September at the annual Thousand Springs Festival west of Wendell, Idaho.

1. How long does a mare carry her foal?

2. In about what century did humans begin to domesticate horses?

3. Where is a horse’s poll?

4. What racehorse won the triple crown in 2018?

5. Ancient Greeks thought a zebra was a cross between what two animals?

6. What color is a Palomilla?

7. In 1976, what fictional movie character from 1933 was covered with two tons of horse tail hair from Argentina?

8. In Washington D.C., what U.S. president — while in office — was given a ticket for speeding in his horse-drawn buggy?

9. What 1970 movie featured actor Richard Harris as an English aristocrat captured by the Dakota Sioux in 1825?

10. In rodeo, what is the Cloverleaf Pattern?

11. In which Canadian province is the Calgary Stampede?

12. In addition to traditional rodeo events, what race is famous at the Calgary Stampede?

13. What future U.S. president is said to have cheated on an eye exam to join the U.S. Cavalry Reserves in the 1930s?

14. Where is the stifle joint?

15. What is ragwort?

16. What is a Pelham?

17. What does it mean if someone says a horse has “a lot of chrome?”

18. What breed of horse competes in harness racing?

19. When a horse is young and not well-trained, what color is it called?

20. What part of a horse’s foot helps him jump higher?

BONUS QUESTION: What part of a horse’s head makes him want to know what people think?


1. A mare’s gestation period is 11 months.

2. Earliest records indicate that horses were first domesticated around 4,000 B.C., with widespread domestication by 3,000 B.C.

3. The poll is at the top of the skull between the ears.

4. The 2018 Triple Crown winner was Justify.

5. Ancient Greeks wrote that a zebra was half horse and half tiger.

6. A Palomilla is a milk-white horse with a white mane and a white tail.

7. The hair covering was used to make a 40-foot-tall, six-ton mechanical ape look like the life-size King Kong.

8. The speeding president was Ulysses S. Grant.

9. This 1970 movie was “A Man Called Horse.”

10. Barrel racers circle their three barrels in the Cloverleaf Pattern.

11. The Calgary Stampede, one of the world’s biggest rodeos, is held every July in southern Alberta.

12. The Calgary Stampede is famous for its wild and crazy chuck wagon races. Other events include blacksmith competitions, parades, cook-offs, cattle dog shows, children’s competitions and concerts by country music stars.

13. That president-to-be (who loved riding horses) was Ronald Reagan (born in 1911).

14. The stifle joint is in the hind leg, the equivalent of a human knee.

15. Ragwort is a weed toxic to horses and other livestock, especially when dried. This yellow-flowered plant of the daisy family is a common weed of grazing lands in the Northwest.

16. A Pelham is a bit, used mainly in English riding, that combines the action of a curb bit and a snaffle.

17. “A lot of chrome” usually means a horse has a lot of white on its legs.

18. The Standardbred, which excels in running at a trot or pace, is the most common breed of horse used in harness racing.

19. A green horse needs more training.

20. The frog.

Bonus answer: The poll.

(Sources include College of Southern Idaho library books, 4-H handbook and the Internet.)


16 to 20: Top Hand

11 to 15: Seasoned Buckaroo

6 to 10: Weekend Wrangler

5 or less: Tenderfoot

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