Our annual Horse IQ quiz:

1. What are fetlocks?

2. What term describes movement that lengthens the stride of a horse?

3. What are panniers?

4. What color is a horse with a brownish-red body, with black mane and tail, and black legs?

5. In English riding, what is the term used for a horse’s stopping in front of a fence rather than jumping over?

6. What is a grade horse?

7. What is the wooden (or fiberglass) frame of a saddle called?

8. What race horse won the Triple Crown this year?

9. What is the name of the Kentucky Derby racetrack? And, what town is it in?

10. In rodeo, what term refers to a steer wrestler’s partner who keeps the calf from turning away?

11. In barrel racing, what is the penalty for knocking down a barrel?

12. When tying a horse, how high should the lead rope’s knot be?

13. What part of a horse’s hind leg is the counterpart to the knee of the front leg?

14. Why is a curb bit more severe than a snaffle bit?

15. What is the most common method used to estimate a horse’s body weight?

16. In horse anatomy, what is the difference between tendons and ligaments?

17. Name at least three of the five facial markings of horses (as used on registration papers).

18. What is a centaur?

19. What is thrush?

20. What is a headstall?

BONUS QUESTION: What is a four-letter word for a horse halter?

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