1. What is the Tevis Cup?

2. Which breed of horse holds the record for the highest selling price, a Thoroughbred race horse or a Dutch Warmblood dressage show horse?

3. What is the name of the middle joint of a horse’s hind leg?

4. Postponed from the traditional first Saturday in May, when was the 2020 Kentucky Derby held?

5. In Greek and Roman mythology, what was the name of the creature that was half horse and half man?

6. What is a dun?

7. What stallion of early television and western movies fame knew more than 100 tricks and died one day before his 31st birthday?

8. What breed of dog rides on the beer wagon pulled by the Anheuser Busch Clydesdale hitch?

9. What is the highest point of a horse’s rump?

10. In rodeo, what is a piggin’ string?

11. Dogs are canine. Cats are feline. What are horses?

12. How many pairs of ribs do most horses have, 8 or 18?

13. From where does the Friesian breed originate?

14. In 2019, what company sold at auction a new plastic model horse for $22,000?

15. Ideally, how often should a horse’s hooves be shod, trimmed or checked by a farrier?

16. Who was Will James?

17. In racing, what is a daily double?

18. Where were the starting and finishing points of the Pony Express?

19. What is a reata?

20. Nationally noted trainer John Lyons had an Appaloosa, “Bright Zip,” that was still performing at top levels until passing away at age 28. What was the most impressive thing about this champion horse during the last eight years of his life?

BONUS QUESTION: Why did the cowboy name his horse Flattery?HORSE QUIZ ANSWERS

1. The Tevis Cup, also called the Western States Trail Ride, is a one-day 100-mile endurance race from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, Calif.

2. The Thoroughbred stallion, Fusaichi Pegasus, winner of the 2000 Kentucky Derby, sold for an estimated $70 million in 2000. The highest selling dressage horse, Totilas, sold for $21 million in 2011.

3. The hock is a horse’s middle hind leg joint.

4. The Kentucky Derby was held this year on Sept. 5.

5. A centaur was a creature with the head, arms and torso of a man, and the body and legs of a horse.

6. A dun, typically, is a horse with a sandy-gray colored coat, usually with a black mane, tail and lower legs, and a dark dorsal stripe. In general, dun is a dull grayish-brown color.

7. (Hint: The famous movie horse was a Palomino). The tricky boy was Trigger, Roy Rogers’ favorite ride.

8. A dalmatian rides along, originally said to guard the team and wagon in the driver’s absence.

9. The croup is the top of the rump.

10. A piggin’ string is a short piece of rope used to tie a calf’s legs after it is lassoed.

11. Horses are equine.

12. Most horses have 18 pairs of ribs, for a total of 36. It is not uncommon for some horses to have 19 pairs, and most Arabian horses have 17 pairs.

13. The Friesian breed originated in the Netherlands.

14. The highly collectable model, a dappled sabino buckskin called “Alborozo,” was made by Breyer.

15. Hooves usually need care every six to eight weeks.

16. Will James, 1892-1942, was a American West artist and author. His books, with his own illustrations, include “Smoky the Cowhorse,” “Lone Cowboy” and “Sand.”

17. Daily double is betting that requires you to pick the winners of two consecutive races.

18. The 2,000-mile Pony Express route went from St. Joseph, Mo., to Sacramento, Calif., with 190 stations between.

19. A reata is a rope made from braided rawhide.

20. During his last eight years of national performances, Bright Zip was totally blind.

Bonus answer: Because it got him nowhere.

(Sources include College of Southern Idaho library books, 4-H handbook, The Cowboy Encyclopedia and the Internet.)


16 to 20: Top Hand

11 to 15: Seasoned Buckaroo

6 to 10: Weekend Wrangler

5 or less: Tenderfoot

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