Spear Ranch

Spear Ranch panels offer both value and flexibility.

Spear Ranch Free Standing Panels were born of a cattleman’s desire to solve a few problems that many who own and work with livestock face. We all are looking for that better way to work smarter instead of harder. The idea has to be one that is both economical and stands the test of time. No one likes the idea of building a set of corrals, a feedlot, a shipping pen or calving facility only to second guess where we “should have” put that fence or pen. Once posts are in the ground, forget it, it is where it is going to be.

The beauty of the Spear Ranch Free Standing Panels is that they are mobile and portable. Since there is no need to set posts in the ground, a person can change the design or add panels any time the need arises.

Need a gate in the corner, add one in just a few quick minutes. These Panels come 24-feet long and in 2 heights. The “Standard” 4-rod, is 5’ 2” high and the “Deluxe” 5-rod, is 5’ 10” high. You have the option of the same 24’ length, but 8’ of that can be a free swinging gate — this leaves 16’ of Panel and 8’ of Gate. If you would like a larger opening to get equipment through nose two Gates together for a 16’ opening with no bows or obstructions to get under. The 48” angled leg spread is excellent for stability. Over time, the angled legs will dig slightly into the ground, effectively cementing them in place.

Spear Ranch uses the Panels in their working facilities and feedlot pens. Each year they AI up to 100 replacement heifers and their pen is right next to 50 herd bulls. There has never been a single case of a bull getting in with the synced heifers. They don’t even think twice about it because the Panels are between 650-680 lbs each. Once hooked together with the two heavy duty L hook and chain connections, there is no getting through until someone opens a gate. They are made with 2 7/8” well casing pipe for a frame and with 1” floating rods for expansion and contraction as the weather changes — no welds to break here.

Prices are comparable to 2 — 12’ Panels made by any number of Panel makers out there. The biggest difference is that these are constructed to be “the last Panel you will ever need to buy” as they are virtually indestructible by livestock. No more smashed Panels or bowed out Gates that need to be replaced every few years. This is truly a product that will only need to be bought once. This keeps your hard earned money in your pocket and eliminates that pile of scrap Panel pieces we all seem to accumulate. Once you try them, you will be thinking of more and more places to use them. They are so handy and can be moved easily with a loader tractor, tele handler or skid steer.

We hope you get the chance to purchase one of these great products as we are very proud to put our name behind them. Give Bart Spear a call at (509) 223-3010 office or (509) 429-0760 cell to place your F.O.B. (freight on buyer) order today and he will be happy to answer any further questions you may have or you might visit our website at www.spearranch.com for pictures and further application ideas.

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