Derrick Josi

Derrick Josi

Derrick Josi pulled in to get coffee at Lindsey’s Lattes in Tillamook, Ore., and ended up paying considerably more.

He picked up the tab for dozens of breakfasts for public utility district personnel, line crews and first responders working on the nearby wildfires.

He paid nearly $200 for the breakfast burritos and other filling fare that had just been prepared and were awaiting delivery to the work crews.

Josi is a dairy farmer who appears on “TDF Honest Farming” social media sites discussing issues big and small around dairies, family, philosophy and community.

After the arrangements with the coffee shop were made, he posted the information to his social media sites with information that TDF “is paying for the breakfasts and we’re going to start a tab (at Lindsey’s) for first responders and firefighters going up there to fight the fires.”

“Anybody else who is able to do this for first responders during this time should just step up and do it,” he said.

The announcement jump-started a flood of donations from as far away as North Carolina. Within one day, over $1,000 was donated to first responders through Lindsey’s Lattes.

Josi said he owed a big “thank you to everyone locally and nationally who took the time to donate to help feed our first responders. I am incredibly thankful for everybody who took the time to call from all over the country and donate.

“That’s America for you.”

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