Agriculture education, at the community college level, is embracing new technologies and preparing students for careers in facets of agriculture that have only recently been seen.

Walla Walla Community College (WWCC) offers degrees in Plant and Soil Science, Ag Business, Animal Science, Irrigation, Watershed Ecology and most recently Precision Agriculture.

With technological advances in all these fields of study, students and graduates have the opportunity to expand their career navigation into new and quickly advancing territory — career options ranging from animal health and disease tracking to operation of new drone and irrigation technologies that allow for more precise field work.

At WWCC, the level of hands-on learning is essential in the success of students long term, and focused on daily.

Not only does WWCC offer these learning opportunities to students, but a connection with Washington State University (WSU) has been cultivated to help students in their educational career, should it lead them to a 4-year university. The 2+2 program at WWCC allows students to move to WSU with a junior standing, after earning their 2-year degree in an ag program at WWCC. The WWCC-WSU articulation agreements ensure that students moving on to a Bachelor’s degree are prepared, and will not have to make up credits or classes.

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