A career in diesel technology opens doors to many types of high-paying jobs, from working at ag equipment dealerships to construction, mining, and forestry equipment, or return to the farming operation.

Larry Strizich, dean of the College of Technical Sciences at Montana State University-Northern, said, “Students with a degree in Diesel Technology are in high demand with major businesses and corporations. There are a lot of career opportunities with this degree.”

Students in Diesel Technology have several different options within their studies at MSU-Northern. They can obtain a one-year certificate, a two-year associate’s degree and a four-year bachelor’s degree.

“Montana State University-Northern is recognized as a leading Diesel Technician college by industry leaders. We are one of the best — and one of the few — 4-year Diesel Technology campuses in the nation. We are expanding and growing. Currently, there are about 250 students in the Diesel Technology programs, which is one of our largest programs,” Strizich said, adding that each year they have a career day where 30-35 corporations fly in and interview students for jobs and internships. “It is not unusual that students will receive more than one job offer that is a high-paying position with excellent benefits.

“Graduates are well prepared to work in the diesel industry in a variety of occupations. We place emphasis on electronics and diagnostics along with the fundamentals of engines, fuel systems, heating and air conditioning, hydraulics, power trains, brakes and chassis repair,” Strizich said.

The college works closely with major farm implement and construction equipment dealerships to provide machinery for the students to work with. The loaned pieces of equipment, whether they are tractors, combines, sprayers, excavators, graders or some other machine, are always “brand new,” the latest model available, and loaded with updated computer software, GPS and control systems to perform diagnostics on.

“Students coming here will work and learn on the very latest Ag and construction equipment technology available. Students can get in the equipment, start it, run it, run diagnostics on it, and learn to operate all the computer systems,” Strizich continued.

To keep abreast with the technology, MSU-Northern faculty annually attend farm implement and other technology clinics at dealerships across the region to keep them updated with the very latest information to teach to their students.

Strizich explained that one of the main things students in the Diesel Technology programs learn is “be a life-long learner. They learn where to go for the information they will need for the rest of their life in whatever career they choose.”

“The Diesel Technology field is experiencing rapid growth as extraction industries boom, and MSU-Northern is the place to go for great opportunities in the industry,” he concluded.

MSU-Northern is in Havre, Montana.

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