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To place a classified advertisement, call toll free: 800-882-6789

Consider whether a display ad or a classified line ad is best for you.


A Display Ad is any ad with a border.

News Display (ROP) is located within the news and editorial sections in the front of the paper.

Classified Display is located under numeric classifications in the back of the paper. Click Here To Place a Display Ad


A Line Ad is a classified ad without a border and may contain one picture. Line ads are published under numeric classifications in the back of the newspaper. To place a classified line ad

Advertising representatives

Scott Hallet - West Washington, Portland and North Willamette Valley. 503-308-2478.

JoAnn Vanderwey - South Idaho, NE Nevada and SE Oregon. 208-880-4334.

Pat McKenzie - South Willamette Valley, Southern Oregon, Central Oregon and California. 541-521-9008.

Jim Holt - Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon. 509-413-7674.

Rebecca Beach - Classified line ads. 800-882-6789.

Online Ads

We offer a variety of online opportunities for you to promote your business' product or service. You may contact the sales representatives that covers your area listed below, call 1-800-882-6789 or e-mail

Special Sections

Target your ag business product or service by advertising in Capital Press Special Sections and reach out to our print and online Capital Press readers. Contact your sales rep today or call 1-800-882-6789 and we'll put you in touch with a representative in your area.


Advertisement Deadlines

Monday: News/ROP and Legal ads 3 pm (PST)

Wednesday: Classified Display ads - 10 am (PST) Classified Line ads - 12 Noon (PST)

(Deadlines may change for holidays and special sections)

Mechanical Requirements

News Display* Broadsheet Special Sections
Page Size: 6 cols. (10.5") x 21.25" *Conforms to SAU (Standard Advertising Units)
1column1.625"(9.75 picas)
2columns3.375"(20.25 picas)
3columns5.125"(30.75 picas)
4columns6.875"(41.25 picas)
5columns8.75"(52.5 picas)
6columns10.5"(63 picas)
Classified Display
Page Size: 8 cols. (10.5") x 21.25"
1column1.25"(7.5 picas)
2columns2.5"(15 picas)
3columns3.8125"(22.875 picas)
4columns5.125"(30.75 picas)
5columns6.4375"(38.625 picas)
6columns7.75"(46.5 picas)
7columns9.0625"(54.375 picas)
8columns10.5"(63 picas)
Tab Special Sections
Page Size: 6 cols. (10.5") x 10.25"
1column1.625"(9.75 picas)
2columns3.375"(20.25 picas)
3columns5.125"(30.75 picas)
4columns6.875"(41.25 picas)
5columns8.75"(52.5 picas)
6columns10.5"(63 picas)


Pricing Display Ad Rates

For commissionable rate inquiries please email: Greg Hains

For noncommissionable rate inquires, please email the sales representative for your area.

PLEASE NOTE: The e-mail addresses listed for your sales representatives should only be used for correspondence. Ads sent electronically should go to Deadline for e-mailed ads is Tuesday at 5 pm (PST)

Ad Material Supplied Electronically

We are a Mac-based environment. Our main software for ad production is InDesign CC 2017. We will accept all images in .tiff, EPS or PDF format. All images must be sent as individual images (do not enclose in a document).

File Compatability

Supported Applications:

  • InDesign CC
  • Acrobat 9.0 & up
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Microsoft Office 2011


  1. Both screen fonts (suitcases) and printer fonts are required for quality output.
  2. Be sure to include fonts, graphics, logos, and EPS files, and all pertinent items.
  3. Do not use TrueType fonts.
  4. Do not use font menu style attributes. Select the specific font from the font menu.
  5. Reversed type smaller than 8 point (or type with hair-line serifs or detail) should be avoided.

* If there is an incompatible font issue, Capital Press reserves the right to make font substitutions.

Electronic Media

  1. E-mail (under 15 MB, compressed).
  2. Large files can be compressed with winZip, ZipIt or sent to our ftp site. (Please call for instructions, 1-800-882-6789 and ask for Production Department.)

Acrobat PDF (portable document file)

  1. Acrobat PDF is our choice of transport
  2. All fonts should be embedded (do not use TrueType fonts) and color should be CMYK.


  1. Only high resolution scans will output and print with quality results. Scans should be 300 dpi and in CMYK or Grayscale and saved as tiff or EPS.
  2. Line art should be scanned at 600 - 1200 dpi.
  3. Web resolution does not print with quality (72 dpi).


All media must be labeled with the following information:

  • Advertising name, ie, Smith Trucking.
  • The company name & address w/contact name & phone number.
  • Sales representative's name and the date of publication.

Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to call the production department at 800-882-6789. For information on submitting your ad through our ftp site, please email Jessica Boone, Production Manager.

Terms and Conditions:

Acceptance of Advertising: Capital Press reserves the right to revise or reject any advertisement.

Ad Sizes: Minimum size display advertisement is one column by 1 inch. (All advertisements are billed by the 1/4 inch.)

Position of Advertisements: Capital Press neither sells nor guarantees position. Requests for special positions will be given every consideration whenever possible without violation of established rules of make-up of the newspaper.

Omissions and Errors: Capital Press will exercise due care to prevent omissions and mistakes, but its total liability for any error in any advertisement published shall not exceed the proportionate space in which the error occurred. Credit, when allowable, will apply to the first insertion only.

Cancellations of Advertising: Any advertisement which is set up but canceled prior to its insertion will be billed the equivalent of 1/4 the total normal cost of that advertisement. VISA and MasterCard accepted for advertising and subscriptions. To reserve advertising and for information: Phone: (503) 364-4431 or 800-882-6789. Mail: P.O. Box 2048, Salem, OR 97308 or 2870 Broadway St. NE, Salem, OR 97303