U.N. usurps Constitution

It is depressing to read letters like "Be careful what you wish for," April 6. The window dressing on the efforts of sustainability-environmentalism has a glowing cover, and yes, we need to be good stewards. That has always been asserted.

Take, for example, the debris nature accumulates in the rivers. The landowners were ordered to remove this bad impact on fish habitat. Wasn't it shown that the owners were stewards to leave the debris there? The fish need areas to hide and lay their eggs. So, the owners were ordered to put debris back. But, just one moment, don't the authorities claim the water belongs to them? Shouldn't they be the ones to do the work?

Then there was the stoppage of logging because of the impact on spotted owl habitat. Didn't they find that the owl accommodated to the situation? But the owners lost a source of income.

Let's face it, the front of environmentalism looks very plausible. But it covers the agenda pushing it. Maybe those engaged in promoting it really think they are doing good, but if everyone would research Agenda 21 and International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, you will find it is an assault on our nation, Constitution, economy and freedoms.

The curious thing is, these rules and regulations stem from the United Nations, an organization promoting their rules and regulations on a sovereign nation ... whose leaders and administration are violating their oaths to uphold the Constitution. And shame on us citizens for not doing our duty to hold them accountable or remove them from office. Liberty isn't free, we have to fight for it.

Mary A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.

Foods should be labeled

I am a home gardener (organic for 40 years) and also a Polk County Master Gardener. As a subscriber I have benefited from excellent articles that I have found nowhere else.

I have until recently paid little attention to your advertisers. In the March 9 issue I was drawn to a large, attractive ad for Movento, a Bayer Crop Science product to protect potatoes. "Movento's powerful two-way systemic action makes it unique among insecticides; its chemistry allows it to get inside plants and spread throughout the entire system."

In your March 16 issue was another equally provocative ad by Bayer Crop Science showing three apples in a bowl conversing with each other. This time the ad was promoting Luna. "Luna helps keep your apples happy ... can you really afford to wait to use this revolutionary new fungicide? Introducing Luna, a breakthrough systemic fungicide that lives and works inside plants to protect them from the most problematic diseases."

I am horrified. Has the Food and Drug Administration or USDA sanctioned these products in the food we eat? It's one thing to apply a topical spray which can be washed off, but it would appear that we will be eating insecticides and fungicides in our apples and potatoes. They may be happy and protected, but what about the general public?

We the public need our food to be labeled. I will never eat another potato or apple unless it is labeled organic.

Jean Astrinsky

Monmouth, Ore.

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