U.S. dairies suffer from foreign trade

Let us look at what our international trade negotiations have gotten us. Take the dairy industry, or see how it's been taken.

Every time the price gets encouraging, imports are let in to break the price. We must feel sorry and help the dairy industry of Canada, New Zealand or Denmark.

After all, it's one world and if we are dependent on others for our daily bread, we will not fight with them. The term hostage comes to mind. We would be at the long end of a supply line, and quite vulnerable to blockades or submarines.

When dairying becomes profitable, herds and facilities expand at large cost. Then tariffs are lowered, the world's most efficient dairy animals go to hamburger and the entrepreneur goes broke and the facilities go to the stainless steel scrap pile.

So much for conservation, wise use of resources and concern for loss of precious wild animals.

What happened to dairying is much like what happened to the auto, steel, furniture and textile industries.

It may be time to re-examine secret trade negotiations. Our efforts at "supply management" don't keep foreigners and tempting tax breaks in mind. That's above our pay grade.

R.W. Robinson

Sequim, Wash.

Stand up against illegal immigration

Please help me understand why so many want to grant amnesty to illegals. Aren't we bound to conform to the law? Are the illegals so privileged that they are allowed to break the law? How can we expect them to honor the laws if they didn't honor the law to enter our nation legally? And yet, they demand rights allowed only to U.S. citizens.

You need workers? Why did you allow the legislature to pass laws to stop juvenile farm work? Anytime government steps into where it doesn't belong, you always have undesirable consequences. Look at the street gangs, dope, disrespect, lack of responsibility, all because juveniles have nothing better to do. Look at our borders. Yes, we have a Constitutional Free Zone -- a 100-mile border around the U.S. and Alaska where citizens that live offshore on American islands who come ashore for groceries are stopped and interrogated. But we shouldn't approach illegals? It is the duty of our government to protect U.S. citizens. So why the interrogation and surveillance of citizens?

Have you read of the warning to U.S. citizens not to enter the southern Arizona park because of the dangers from illegals, drug traffickers and smugglers? Where is the government protection? Please, also protest to your legislators the proposals of international peace parks and the international communities along the southern border, which is the furthering of the Security and Prosperity Partnership that our presidents and legislatures have been pushing for some time to be one nation, comprised of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. that will be the demise of our nation, Constitution and freedoms.

Are we all so apathetic, so asleep that we don't rise up in protest? Where are our rallies and marches? You mean only non-citizens can have them? Wake up! To whom are our administration and legislators obligated? Don't you pay their salaries and health care? Hosea 4:6 states, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Heed these words. Research! See the dangers before you and take a stand for God and country before it's too late.

M.A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.

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